The South Carolina Academy of Audiology, formed in 1989, became the first state affiliate of the American Academy of Audiology. South Carolina is pleased to have hosted the organizational convention for the American Academy of Audiology in 1988. The South Carolina Academy provides continuing education opportunities through its annual convention. SCAA also sponsors a scholarship for South Carolina residents who are pursuing a Doctorate of Audiology degree. Membership is available to any licensed audiologist.

1990 Edward T. Whitson, M.S.
1991 Yvonne N. Means, M.A.
1992 Jacquelyn D. Niedringhaus, Au.D.
1993 Stephen T. Guryan, M.A.
1994 Dick L. Brandon, Au.D.
1995 Virginia T. Wright, Au.D.
1996 Horace E. Beasley, M. Aud.
1997 Mary Anne Larkin, Au.D.
1998 Tamala S. Bradham, Ph.D.
1999 Ben W. Dawsey, Au.D.
2000 Robert M. Poland, M.A., M.A.
2001 Kenneth Johns, M.Aud.
2002 Alan Smith, Au.D.
2003 Karen Moore, Au.D.
2004 Lesley Kirby, Au.D.
2005 Lynn Lehman, Au.D.
2006 Pam McCurry, Au.D.
2007 Katherine Martine, Au.D.
2008 Beth Leadbitter, Ph.D.
2009 Kelly Long, Au.D.                                       President's Message
2010 Todd Gibson, Au.D.                                    President's Message
2011 Brian Curtis, Au.D.                                       President's Message
2012 Kristin Davis, Au.D.                                     President's Message
2013 Will Hoole, Au.D.                                        President's Message
2014 Ann Widener, Au.D.
2015 Susan Valenti, Au.D.
2016 Alexandra Tarvin, Au.D.

2017 Jason Wigand, Au.D.                                  President's Message

​2018 Meredith Holcomb, Au.D.

2019 Angie Zuendt, Au.D.

​2020 Sherri Little, Au.D.

​2021 Lisa Leen, Au.D.

Past Presidents of the South Carolina Academy of Audiology

Bright Beginnings Award

Tony Whitson Award for Outstanding

Clinical Audiologist

2010 Yvonne Means, M.S.
2011 Will Hoole, Au.D.
2012 Ben W. Dawsey, Jr., Au.D.

​2017 Laura Droege, Au.D.

2018 Holly Hurley, M.S.

​2019 Christine Strange, Au.D.

​2020 Teresa Shumway, Au.D.

​2021 Jessica Mahaffey, Au.D.

Updated: 9/9/2021

Tony Whitson received a BS degree in Speech and Hearing from ETSU and a Master degree in Audiology from Vanderbilt University. He first worked in a speech and hearing clinic and then a medical setting the rest of his career.  He was a charter member of the SCAA and the first President of SCCA. Tony was liked and trusted by Audiologists from all different work settings in the State of South Carolina. He invited all Audiologists to be a part of this new Academy. 

Tony had a passion for taking care of his patients and anything he recommended was in their best interest, not his. Tony was an example for other Audiologists in how to treat patients with understanding and compassion. The Tony Whitson Award is given to SCAA Audiologists who exhibit the same qualities as Tony did in working with his patients. 

2017 Jason Wigand, Au.D.

​2018 Alexandra Tarvin, Au.D.

2019 Lisa Leen, Au.D.

​2020 Alexandra Taylor, Au.D.

​2021 Beth McCall, Au.D.

Elizabeth P. Wade Memorial Award for

Outstanding Audiologist of the Year

The Elizabeth P. Wade Memorial Award was established to honor our beloved colleague, Betsy Wade, following her passing in 1998. To know Besty, either professionally or personally, was to never forget her. She exuded passion and warmth in all that she did and her patients loved her. Betsy had a special interest in working with children and was chosen to be on the founding board of the state's newborn hearing screening program; she would be thrilled to see her passion for that program grow into what it is today.  

This award in her memory recognizes audiologists who possess the same love and dedication to our field that she demonstrated every day. Her legacy lies within that caring and joy that she so freely shared with us. 

​South Carolina Academy of Audiology

This award was created to recognize the newer professionals within our organization. It is specifically for the SC audiologists that have been in the field five years or less who have embraced this profession. It honors those who have provided excellent clinical care, volunteered their time, participated in advocacy, and/or stood out from the crowd. This praises their tenacity and motivation to grow, develop, and lead in the field. 

1998 William A. Cooper, Ph.D.
1999 Susan C. Valenti, Au.D.
2000 Tamala Bradham, Ph.D.
2001 Michelle Frazier, M.Ed.
2002 Ben W. Dawsey, Jr., Au.D.
2003 Mary Anne Larkin, Au.D.
2004 Lisa Rogers, Au.D.
2005 Suzanne Hicks, M.AuD.
2006 Tara Carroll, MCD
2007 Lynn Lehman, Au.D.
2008 Ginny Corley, Au.D.
2009 Tony Whitson, M.S.
2010 Steven Guryan, Au.D.
2011 Karen Moore, Au.D.
2012 Peggy Wiseman

​2017 Heidi Clower, M.S.

2018 Kimberly Block, Au.D.

​2019 Kati Davidson, Au.D. 

​2020 Maria Hetlinger, Au.D.

​2021 Kara Leyzac, Au.D., Ph.D.