​South Carolina Academy of Audiology

The mission of the South Carolina Academy of Audiology (SCAA) is to enhance the ability of audiologists to achieve career and practice objectives through professional development, education, research, advocacy and increased public awareness of hearing disorders and audiological services.

How does SCAA differ from AAA and/or ADA?

  • SCAA monitors specifically South Carolina state legislative activity that impacts how we practice as well as reimbursement issues.
  • SCAA looks out for the needs of hearing and balance disordered patients in the State and is involved legislatively to make sure they receive appropriate services.
  • SCAA is concerned with the licensing affecting our profession.  SCAA successfully updated our licensure law in the spring of 2014 to reflect current academic requirement of the Au.D. Degree that will shorten the time it takes to become licensed in SC.
  • SCAA monitors legislation that affects our “scope of practice” issues, such as procedures performed by others (i.e. hearing aid dispensers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and nurses). 
  • SCAA provides continuing educational opportunities for audiologists.
  • SCAA provides networking opportunities for audiologists.

 What Does SCAA Do?

  • Provides the services of a lobbyist to monitor and to assist members address South Carolina legislative issues
  • Recognizes it’s members for outstanding service
  • Keeps members abreast of potential  local, State, or national legislative issues that may affect the practice of audiology in South Carolina
  • Offers members access to the associations website including the membership directory, job opportunities, legislative activities, newsletter and other events and programs
  • Allows for continuing education credits (CEU’s) through the State convention and workshops
  • Provides members with the ability to participate in leadership positions within the State association
  • Networks with other professional audiological and related field organizations​

SCAA is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing audiologists practicing in South Carolina with the best professional development and legislative support.  So if you are wondering what you can do to defend your profession, join SCAA.   With your help we can address the many changes in health care that affects how you will practice in the years to come.

Updated: 6/12/2021

If you would like to speak at our annual conference, please contact us. 


​​Email:  scaaudiology@gmail.com

Contact Form

​Dues are for a one year membership, beginning on January 1st and running through December 31st of the calendar year. First time membership is $130. Annual regular membership dues are $120 for renewing members before December 31st and $130 after January 1st.  ​There are many options for payment:

1) You can join/renew online through PayPal   

2) Use Zelle (https://www.zellepay.com/) to
send your dues to scaaudiology@gmail.com

3)  You can send a check to the treasurer:

c/o Jason Wigand
310 Honey Tree Drive
Lexington, SC 29073

For new members, download the SCAA Membership Application Form to send via mail or e-mail in any one of the following formats. If you have trouble opening a file, right-click over it, and select "Save Target As" and then open it once it's on your local computer.

SCAA Membership Application Form PDF

Special Memberships (as outlined by SCAA By-Laws:

Life Members: Life Members must be 65 years old or older, and have been a member of the Academy for at least 10 years. Life Members receive a 40% discount for life (currently $72). A Life member retains all the privileges of a Fellow.

Retired Members: Retired Members must by FULLY retired from the field of audiology and be at least 55 years old. Retired Members receive a 30% discount for life (currently $84). A Retired member retains all the privileges of a Fellow.
Honorary Disability Membership: An Academy Member in good standing who becomes disabled and is deemed such by the state of SC disability requirements. The individual will be awarded Honorary Academy Membership status with membership
dues and convention fees waived with the exception of meal costs and any fees above those of normal convention requirements. This honorary membership will remain in effect as long as the individual retains the SC Disability status. If this applies to you, please email us directly and we will manually add you to our roster. 

Please note: when paying in full for multiple registrations- please add each name individually to the cart with a quantity of 1

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