​South Carolina Academy of Audiology

Our Commitment to Consumer Protection

As the only organization for audiologists and by audiologists within the state of South Carolina, it is our responsibility to abide by our licensure requirements, maintain a moral code, do no harm, provide excellent care for our patients, and support one another. 

There may be times when individuals outside of our profession misrepresent themselves to look like audiologists or perform testing, services, or counseling that they are untrained or unqualified to perform and/or outside of their scope of practice. 

It is our goal to ensure patient and consumer protection within hearing healthcare. Another goal is to protect the integrity of the audiology profession and ensure that only educated, licensed audiologists are providing audiological services, within the state and federal guidelines. 

If you come across an infraction of these guidelines, a misrepresentation to the public, inappropriate services being provided for an individual's license, or any other state or federal violations, it is appropriate to report them to the proper licensing body. 

If you are uncomfortable with reporting an individual or company or need additional support, please reach out to SCAA for help. 

If you need to file a complaint with the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)- click here to learn more information. (Online Complaint Form)

For your reference: SC HIS regulations- The Practice of Selling and Fitting Hearing Aids