Updated: 1/13/20

​South Carolina Academy of Audiology



Academy of Doctors of Audiology

An excellent site for professionals and consumers alike with information about audiology, advocacy, and hearing treatment.

American Academy of Audiology

The nation's premiere audiology association with excellent information for professionals and consumers on a variety of topics. 

​American Association of Retired People

​AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association dedicated to shaping and enriching the experience of aging for our members and for all Americans. It is the nation's leading organization for people age 50 and older.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
The national certifying body for audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

American Society on Aging
General information on aging and the effects of aging on hearing.

American Tinnitus Association
Excellent information on ringing in the ears (tinnitus) for professionals and consumers. You can join this organization here.

Association of Late-Deafened Adults
An organization founded specifically for those whose severe-to-profound hearing loss began late in life. You can join this organization.

Audiology Foundation of America
The AFA is an organization for audiologists that focuses on the further education of audiologists through the Doctor of Audiology degree.

AudiologyOnline is a continuing education (CE) website offering well over a thousand courses on multiple topics related to hearing healthcare, to benefit your members and the patients they serve. 

Better Hearing Institute
A consumer-oriented website full of useful information on hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders.

Ear Foundation & Meniere's Network
Excellent resource for consumers on hearing loss, as well as information about the dizziness and tinnitus associated with Meniere's disease.

Hands & Voices
Hands & Voices is a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as the professionals who serve them.

Hearing Loss Association of America
Formerly called SHHH (Self-Helf for Hard of Hearing) is a non-profit membership-driven organization dedicated to well-being of all individuals with hearing loss. The largest international organization of its kind. Memberships are available here.

H.E.A.R. - Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers
A non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness off the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels which can lead to permanent, and sometimes debilitating, hearing loss and tinnitus. For musicians,  music fans, and anyone needing help with their hearing.

Hearing Health Magazine
A subscription-only magazine designed for people who experience any degree of hearing loss, tinnitus, or other ear disorder.This site allows you to subscribe.

Hearing Journal
Subscribe to The Hearing Journal through the above link for free.

Microtia and Aural Atresia
Treatment of patients with congenital absence of the external ear using a novel reconstruction method developed by a plastic surgeon in Idaho which dramatically reduces the number of operations needed.

Military Audiology Association
This site is dedicated to the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss.

National Council on the Aging
A searchable website full of information on aging, including age-related hearing loss.

National Health Council
A searchable website full of information about a variety of health-related issues, including hearing loss.

National Hearing Conservation Association
This organization strives to prevent hearing loss due to noise and other environmental factors in all sectors of society. Memberships are available.

National Institute on Deafness
The NID(CD) is is part of the National Instituations of Health.  This site provides wonderful information about recent research and other aspects of hearing loss.

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation
This manufacturer is committed to maintaining the most important musical instrument - the ear - while providing revolutionary on-stage sound reproduction through the use of in-ear monitors. Their goals are to provide effective, innovative hearing protection and conservation products, services and information for the music industry to heighten their awareness of occupational sound hazards.

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