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Annual CEU Conference
SCAA is known for its high-quality CE program which is typically held in the first quarter every year. Respected audiologist, keynote speakers, medical professionals, and health care policy makers present information on cutting-edge audiology topics, procedures and issues. Members attend at reduced rates.

Relationships and Community, Networking
The Academy's conferences, public outreach and other promoted activities provide social and professional meeting opportunities for audiologists from all regions of the state. Make friends and even learn about other SC Audiologists' strengths and create a great referral network, as well. 
Advocacy and Changing the Future of our Field
We are partners in the future of our professional. SCAA's Professional Liaison connects regularly with our registered lobbyists John DeWorken and Sunnie Harmon. They share the executive board's plans, thoughts, and issues with our lobbyists which monitor and assist with all legislative matters. SCAA advocates for South Carolina audiologists to ensure consumer protection, licensure suggestion, maintaining proper practices, and advocacy for the profession within the state. In addition, members receive up-to-date communications about how they can help SCAA's legislative efforts. 
Public Education
The Academy actively promotes the concept of the audiologist as a vital part of the health care team and works to increase our profession's visibility.
Leadership Opportunities
SCAA members are invited to play an active role in the future of South Carolina audiologists by becoming part of SCAA's leadership.
Facebook Group
SCAA has a Facebook group where you can share information, ask questions, and keep up to date with information relevant to SC audiologists. 


We partner with groups such as Special Olympics to provide audiology services from all over the state. 

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If you would like to speak at our annual conference, please contact us. 

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